Friday, January 2, 2009

A couple of days before Christmas, I felt a large lump under my arm. It wasn't painful and since it didn't hurt and I wasn't sick, I figured it was just a swollen lymph gland and that this was my body's way of fighting off a virus or an infection. The Christmas season was busy with work, church, family and all the hustle and bustle that goes along with the holidays. I felt so blessed to have all of my family (except Brent who was still in Iraq) here for Christmas.
On January 2nd, I thought the lump under my arm seemed larger, although still not painful. While I was laying on my side and trying to decide if the large lump was something to be concerned about, I found a small lump in my breast on the same side as the one under my arm. I knew then that this was something to get checked out immediately.
Because I was up to date on my mammograms, I still felt no real cause for concern. But scheduled an appointment with my Dr. who immediately scheduled a mammogram and ultrasound.
From here, the journey began. I was a bit late in starting this blog because at first I didn't realize the magnitude of the work God was about to do in my life. As it became more and more evident that this was to be a long journey I felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to share with others how God is working through my life. The ups and the downs. I don't know how the story will end nor where I will end up at the end of the journey. I only know that my God walks with me every step of the way. He loves me when I follow Him and loves me when I fail Him. He will never leave me and through it all will give me His peace (John 14:27).