Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Little Eric Named Cooper

Today was a great day! First day after chemo to wake up with no nausea! I went to a baby shower for Dr. Phung and had a wonderful time. Dr. Brown and Dr. Albertini hosted it and there were many people that were there. We laughed and joked and teased Dr. Phung as she opened her gifts especially her NICU gifts. Pati was there but not feeling well and I told her I had plenty of Zofran if she needed. One benefit of chemo :) .
Then I came home and slept for 2 hours. (In the middle of the day? I never do that) Then Carl and I went down to see Eric and Katie and Cooper. Cooper is under the bili lights for jaundice and only gets to come out for a feeding. But we were there while he was out and got to see him up close and personal. He is Eric made over. Just with a very laid back personality (Katie's side ?) Eric is so good with him. When they took him back to the nursery to put him back under the lights, I took a picture from outside the window. It only ended up being a photo of glass as the light caught it, but the nurse in the nursery gave me this long scolding about not taking pictures. Uh-Oh.Granny's causing trouble already :)
We went home and Holly was there visiting. The boys are sleeping. Can't wait to see them in the morning.
Thank you Lord for the blessings of this day!!