Thursday, June 18, 2009


Sometimes watching God at work in our lives is like being a main character in a good book. The author of the book introduces the characters, the plot begins to take shape and the story unfolds. The author has a plan from the beginning of the book to the end. He places people and situations throughout the story for a purpose. We, as the readers, try to figure out how they all fit together and how the story will end.

I imagine each of our lives as God's stories.

Sometimes the author adds a surprising new character in the middle of the book. One the reader would not have imagined as being part of the story. One such character in my story, emerged on the trip up to NC. We stopped at a Hardees in a small little town to get some blueberry biscuits for a snack. As we were standing at the register to order, the cashier, whose name was Danya, looked at me and smiled and said, "I see your scarf, do you mind me asking what kind of cancer you have?" I told her and she said, "I had a cancerous tumor on my spine. I had chemo and it has come back. I don't want to do chemo again but I'm only 37 years old and have 3 kids." My heart went out to her. What a burden to carry with three young children. As we talked, she shared some of what she had endured already. The chemo had been very rough on her. I gave her a slip of paper with my blog address on it and told her that I would be praying for her and would ask for prayer from my friends also. We decided together, to keep in touch with each other's progress through the blog.

And we left that little Hardees with so much more than the biscuits we had come for. We left with a friend that we could lift up in prayer, a friend that would know that she is not alone in her fight.

I believe nothing in our lives happens by accident. Each of our lives is a story, with God being the author. God placed Danya in my story yesterday. He alone knows the plot and He alone knows the ending. I've always been the kind of reader who wanted to skip ahead to the last pages of the story to find out how it ends. But then I would have missed this very special person in my story. Danya, I will be praying for you. Those who are reading this blog will be praying for you.
You are part of our story and together we will see what God has planned for us as we continue this journey.