Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today was a good day. I woke up thinking about the doctor's visit from the day before. I hope that before too long this stuff won't be the first thing on my mind in the morning and the last thing on my mind at night. I thought about the doctors statistics and percentage of metastasis in other organs. I still felt a peace about it though. As I began to read my morning devotional I was again overwhelmed at God's voice for here is what He had to say about numbers and statistics.

Placing Trust in our Strength
TGIF Today God Is First Volume 1 by Os Hillman
Wednesday, January 28 2009

So the Lord sent a plague on Israel, and seventy thousand men of Israel fell dead. - 1 Chronicles 21:14
When was the last time your overconfidence cost the lives of 70,000 men? That is exactly what happened to David. David made what might appear to be an innocent request of his general, Joab. But the minute Joab heard the request he cringed. He knew David was in big trouble for this one. You see to number the troops was a great sin in Israel because it was against the law. Why? Because it demonstrated that you were placing more trust in numbers than in the living God.
How does this relate to you and me as believers? Well, the minute you and I place more trust in our abilities than in God, we are guilty of numbering the troops. How does He punish us? Sometimes situations just blow up in our face. Other times, He lets us go on for a long time doing our own thing, but eventually He deals with it.
The lesson here is to learn daily and complete dependence on God. Use your gifts and abilities through the power of the Holy Spirit. Ask Him daily for direction and wisdom. His ways won't always line up with conventional wisdom. When we begin depending on our abilities only, God has a responsibility to make known to us who is the giver of the blessings.

No wonder I felt such a peace. He only desires that I put my Total trust in Him !!

After bible study we had lunch with Eric and Katy. We talked and laughed. Katie brought me a website with pictures and styles of wigs. I told them I was worried that in a strong wind the wig would blow off :). I am having the hardest time with this wig part. I can barely even say the word much less talk about it. But she was so sweet to even be thinking about that with the kids and Cooper ready to be born any day. She is just that way. Always thinking and caring about other people. I love her so much.

Then I had Jayda for the afternoon and we had Twistee Treat ice cream and went to see Hotle for Dogs at the movie theatre. What a fun day!

Funny, though how putting your mind on yourself and your pride will cause you to fall. I went to choir practice feeling good about the day and someone came up and gave me a hug and said "I'm so sorry you have to lose all the pretty red hair." Well, I guess I let my pride and vanity get the best of me. I had a hard time singing and when choir was over I had a "meltdown" in the church parking lot. (Good thing it was just Carl and I and it was dark :) He always knows the right things to say. I know that neither God nor Carl care if I have no hair because they love me. I just need to be brought back from "self" every once in awhile.

We finished up the night by having dinner with Deloris. She is such a wonderful lady. After all that she has gone through she still lets her "light shine" and just being around her is uplifting and encouraging.

Another day is over with ups, downs and lessons learned. But God is faithful and He grants me fresh new mercies every morning. (Lamentations 3:23) Where would we be without the promise of new mercies in the morning? Praise God.