Friday, May 15, 2009


I woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a train. Headache, sore throat, achiness and absolutely no energy. Looks like my immune system is going to get a challenge. I was supposed to receive a transfusion yesterday but my oncologist said that my iron count, which is supposed to be 38, is at 2. He said getting a transfusion wouldn't really help until we got the iron counts up. So Carl and I are trying to figure out how to cook liver and onions without stinking up the house and driving out the piano students.

Carl has literally run circles around me this morning. He started teaching at 7 am. When he finished he cut the grass, edged and ran the weedeater and then went up to the church to work there. He will get back in time to teach again at 3:00. I am somewhat jealous of his energy today but moreover grateful to be married to such a hard working man.

I finally gave in and just went to bed asking God to strengthen me for the upcoming busy weekend with Holly's birthday and Logan's baptism. I have a basket with the many cards that I have gotten from friends over the last few months and I came across one that was so appropriate for today that I wanted to share it. It is folded in the shape of a box that you would find a bottle of cough syrup in. You know the box that has the name of the medicine and all the side effects, etc. This medicine is called Get-Wel. Here are some of the things written on this box:

Get-Wel ASAP now with fast-acting HEALZINNOTIME!

Temporarily relieves these symptoms commonly associated with not feeling so hot:
-Tendency to feel poopy
-blah disposition

You may experience dizziness, drowsiness, incontinence, constipation, bad breath, loss of hair,
loss of appetite, and loss of lunch. Get-Wel causes no side effects so don't even think about
blaming us. There! You've been warned.

In fact, avoid operating all machinery. Go ahead and have someone else turn on the television
for you. Why take a chance?

Through a patented delivery process, Get-Wel works without any effort on your part. Just
relax and enjoy the healing power while you watch game shows, spy on the neighbors, build a
pillow fort, taste- test chicken soups, or aphabetize the items in your refrigerator.

-The capital of Iowa is Des Moines
-Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
-Don't run with scissors

Why would anyone want to include ingredients that don't do anything?

"Get-Wel is the FIRST thing I recommend to my patients" - Dr. Makim Bedder

"Get-Wel immediately!" - Costas A. Lott, M.D.

"Get- Wel whatever it takes!" - Carl's Mom

Hope this brought a smile to your face. I know I feel better already!