Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The valley DOES NOT have you!

I really wish the chemo treatments could be on Thursday because I love my Wednesdays. I wasn't feeling well enough to go to Bible study and that started the day off on a less than positive note. I really enjoy studying and digging deeper to learn more about the bible. And just like Sundays if I allow it I usually receive some information that is just what God wants me to know at this point in time in my life. That's what I love about reading His word. I could have read a verse 10 times before and it didn't have any significant meaning at that time, but when God is ready to use it in your life the words just jump off the paper and talk to you.
About noon time I was really battling the nausea and feeling a bit sorry for myself when I opened up my work e-mail and (in God's perfect timing) read this.
Dear Roxanne,
"I pray that in your darkest times you have somewhere in there the fact that you have cancer BUT cancer DOES NOT have you - our most powerful God does. May God's presence surround you and carry you on."
I felt "Holy Spirit Bumps" as Pastor Steve calls them. What a perfect reminder that God is in control and He is indeed a powerful God. My spirits were immediately lifted. I felt His joy, peace and presence again surrounding me on all sides.
I pray that as you're reading this blog today that if you are going through a valley, that you could know that the valley DOES NOT have you - our most powerful God does and that God's presence will surround you and carry you on.