Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Children's Children

"But the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him, And His righteousness to their children's children." (Psalms 103:17)

We had a wonderful afternoon with four of our grandchildren. Jayda who is 5 going on 12, Wyatt who is 2, Logan who is 1 and baby Cooper at 6 months. Needless to say the house was filled with squeals of laughter and chaos. As I sat watching them play, I was amazed at the way they reason and communicate, even at a very young age.

Baby Cooper has discovered the world of "big people" food. When he sees you put a bite of food into your mouth he "stares you down" with outreached little arms. As if to say "Helloooo, what about me? I'd like some too."

Logan loves to eat. He is also learning sign language at day care. When he wants something to eat, which is quite often, he says "more" and makes the signs for "more" with his little hands.

Wyatt, didn't talk for the longest time. In fact we were starting to get concerned that his language may be delayed. But all of a sudden he is speaking clearly in sentences. "I blow on it" for his hot food. "I scary" when he sees a lizard. "I play piano." (A future student for grandpa).

Jayda, has been a little talker, from the very beginning. Hers is the experienced "voice of reason". At 5, she has the world figured out and is always willing to share her knowledge and experience.

I am so thankful for the joy that my grandchildren bring to my life. And am especially grateful for God's everlasting mercy to me, my children and my children's children.