Friday, July 10, 2009

The Best Medicine

When you are being treated for cancer there is a medicine for everything that ails you. Medicine for the nausea. Mild bone pain medicine. Stronger bone pain medicine. Something for the tingling in the fingers and toes. Something to increase your infection fighting cells. Medicine to keep you awake and medicine to put you to sleep. I have a "little bag" full of medications at home.

As I walked into the hospital for work this morning, I was thinking maybe I should have taken a few of those medicines from my "little bag" to get through the day.

But I quickly found that I didn't need them, because I received a much more effective medicine from God. It's the "best" medicine. The timing was so perfect throughout the day that it could have been labeled "Timed Release". A morning prayer time with a friend. The enthusiasm on the face of a new young nurse, as she gives report on her babies for that night. Hugs from friends I work with. A surprise visit from Carl for breakfast. The laughter of co-workers as we talk about funny things that happen to each other. The kind and encouraging words of a caring neonatologist. The loud lusty cry of a brand new 10 pound baby . The little kitten cry of a 2 pound baby who thinks she is 10 pounds.
The smell of the rain on the way home from the hospital. A late afternoon nap. A quiet dinner with Carl by the fireplace at Olive Garden.

Proverbs 17:22 says A cheerful heart is good medicine." Little by little the "best" medicine was released today. It didn't come in a little plastic bottle. It didn't taste bad. It had no bad side effects. It not only got me through the day, but it put a smile on my face and a joy in my heart. I daresay, that I don't have any medications in my "little bag" that can do all that.