Friday, September 18, 2009

The Power of Positive Thinking

Another Friday radiation done! I love the weekends off. It kind of gives the skin a little time to recoup. Ann gave me an aloe plant before I started radiation and I have become VERY fond of it. When I told the radiation oncologist I was using an aloe plant, he said "just make sure the leaves are washed before using it, since you are still immune compromised." I laughed and said, "My friend, who gave it to me, is a NICU nurse. I'm sure the plant went through the 3 minute scrub process before she gave it to me!!"

I remember some months ago posting all the positive things about chemo. So I thought today I might post some of the positive reasons to have radiation. I'm sure some of my breast cancer sisters could add to it.

1. A free tanning bed.

2. Free tattoos in the colors of your choice.

3. A free 20 minute yoga session as you maintain the "arms over head" position.

4. No beach sand to irritate the sunburn.

5. Your internal body temperature increases several degrees so your not as cold. (This is a BIG plus for me!)

6. A chance to model your gorgeous 3 arm gown, for all those around, as you walk down the hall to the treatment room.

Many people have said to me "I've heard people with a positive attitude always do better." I have always believed in thinking and acting positive. At times, I have wondered if studies have actually shown that a person's attitude could help them to live longer. But, I don't believe so.
Why not?

In my morning devotions this morning, I was reading a post by Os Hilman. He talked about the world's emphasis on the power of positive thinking and all the self-help books, and programs that are available. Many of these are promoted as "tools for believers to overcome the mountains in their lives". But, he said, "These ideas lead us away from dependence on God to a self-based psychology designed to give US more power. Our faith in God becomes faith in faith. It is born out of hard work and diligence rather than obedience to God's Spirit. The problem lies in that these philosophies sound good, and can even be supported by Bible verses. Beware of anything that puts the burden of performance on you rather than God. There are times in our lives when God doesn't want us to climb every mountain. Sometimes He wants us to go around. ". God asks me to live my life by His spirit, not by my power. My positive outlook should not reflect an ulterior motive of living a longer life. "Who of you can add a single hour to his life ?" (Luke 12:25)

Does God want me to stop having a positive attitude? Absolutely not! My positive attitude reflects the joy and peace that comes through having a relationship with Him. Nothing more is expected on my part. He will take care of the rest.

There is an old proverb about 2 cups on the table. One seems half empty and one half full. I know who holds my future and because of that, I see 3 cups on the table. Mine is the third cup, and it is overflowing with grace, peace, love and joy.

And therein lies the power of positive thinking!!