Sunday, January 11, 2009

People who say they can experience God out on the golf course or in their boat haven’t had an opportunity to see what God’s idea of a church family is all about.
We went to church today. The surgery is weighing heavy on our minds. Pastor Steve asked me how I felt about him sharing what was happening with the congregation. I told him that we wanted more than anything to be able to share with them and would covet their prayers. Steve prayed for a healing, that God would work a miracle if that would be His will. All of the congregation came up and stood with Carl and I and prayed together. The Spirit of Love is so strong in our church family that it is overwhelming. I felt God’s power and love flow through the hands that were touching us. There were tears of hope, tears of love and tears of thankfulness for what God can do through his children when they are bound together in love. Thank You God for what they mean to us!