Thursday, September 24, 2009


Great is thy faithfulness. Day after day after day. Today, 276 days after discovering a lump that turned out to be cancer, God has brought me out of the desert.

Today was the last day of treatment. Three surgeries, 7 months of chemo. 7 weeks of radiation, and today was the last.

I came out of the changing room and walked down the hallway, as I have every day for the last 7 weeks, but this time, at the end of the hallway, there were many special people waiting to share my joy. Carl and our good friend Deloris. Ann, Nadine and Nancy came over from work, along with Bentley, our NICU chaplain.

My oldest son, Eric came with Katie and baby Cooper. My son Brent and his wife Sabrina had just arrived from North Carolina the night before and they were there along with my grandsons Lincoln and baby Ches.

In my excitement, I walked into the radiation room and started to get on the table, when Jared, the therapist said, "Wait! You forgot your blanket. We can't do this without your blanket." And he was right. My quilt has gone with me to every surgery, chemo, radiation and doctor's visit since the beginning. I couldn't do the last treatment without it. So, I went back out, got the quilt and they covered me with it one last time.

Little did I know that while I was on the table, my therapists Jared, Dennis and Therese were snapping pictures with my camera. They made radiation fun every day. And I will always be grateful to them for their kindness, smiles and good humor.

When I finished the treatment we went out to ring the bell. As my friends and loved ones gathered around I rung that bell just as hard as I could pull three times. We all came together and Bentley had a beautiful prayer.

Although, today's events are a bit out of sequence, I wanted to end today's post with the cross.
When the treatment began and that wonderful cross overhead came into view for the last time, tears began to flow. Every emotion that I felt was expressed in that little cross etched in the ceiling. Without the cross of Jesus, I would not have been made it through the desert. That cross has provided me with strength to go on when my strength was gone. That cross has given me wonderful husband, family and friends who have lifted me up in prayer. It has given me forgiveness, when I have doubted. That cross has carried my burdens, when the load was too heavy. It has been a reminder every single day of His love and great faithfulness to me.

At the close of this special day, I will be on my knees praising God for what He has done in me and through me on this journey.

And if I am given a new morning, I will place my hope in Him and enjoy His fresh new mercies once again.

Great is Thy Faithfulness!!
(Lamentations 3:21-24)