Sunday, April 5, 2009

Whatever It Takes

We just spent a wonderful week of Spring Break. Carl had the week off and we decided to take a week to relax. On Saturday we went to Epcot and saw the flower and garden festival. It was absolutely beautiful. We enjoyed walking around the park. It was a beautiful day. We even laughed as we chased my hat each time the wind blew it off. We ate at the German restaurant for the first time and walked out so full we could barely walk.

Monday we went to the Magic Kingdom with 5 million other spring breakers. After a couple of hours we went back to Epcot and spent the rest of the day walking around admiring the flowers and stuffing ourselves again at the German restaurant. Except for the bone pain, I had no trouble keeping up with Carl for 2 days of being playing tourist.

Tuesday we planted flowers at our house. Though it didn't quite measure up to Epcot they look beautiful in our yard. Carl planted the begonias in the shape of a treble clef and base clef. In the afternoon we went to see a movie, but we were so tired, we both slept through the entire movie.

Wednesday, we got to have lunch with Eric, Katie, Jayda and new baby Cooper. Being April fools day, Jayda said "Granny, I played a trick on Daddy this morning." I asked her what she did. She smiled that mischievous smile that I had seen many times on her daddy. "Well," she said, "I went into Daddy's room and cried. Daddy asked me what was wrong and I said. "I dropped baby Cooper on the floor on accident." I guess it got a reaction from Daddy. I laughed until I cried.

Thursday we went to Alabama to see my sister, brother-in-law and wonderful niece Jenna. We spent a relaxing 2 days visiting, enjoying the beauty of the country, watching Jenna ride Tank and play softball. We drove back Saturday night in time to enjoy a birthday dinner with our good friends, the Zabels.

The best part of the Spring Break week was today. Today was Palm Sunday. The beginning of Holy Week. Our choir presented a cantata called "The Love of Jesus". We had been practicing for weeks. I had sung it many times in the car as I practiced with the CD. But today, as I sang, God spoke to my heart several times. A time or two I was so moved by the music I could barely sing. As I sang the words to this song, I asked God to break my stubborn will and help me to do whatever it takes to draw closer to Him.

There's a voice calling me from an old rugged tree and it whispers "Draw closer to me."
Leave this world far behind. There are new heights to climb.
And a new place in Me you will find.
And whatever it takes, to draw closer to you Lord.
That's what I'll be willing to do.
And whatever it takes for my will to break
That's what I'll be willing to do.

Spring is a time to start anew. We do spring cleaning in our homes. We change our wardrobe to light, bright colors. We plant new flowers. I am grateful for the wonderful spring break week God allowed me to experience. I thank Him for allowing me to start anew when I make mistakes and fail to do His will. And I will praise Him for the new heights He would have me to climb, and pray that each and every day I would be able to do whatever it takes to draw closer to Him.