Monday, January 5, 2009

Today, I went to work at the hospital. My little "Addie" is growing like a little weed. She has overcome such obstacles and her mommy and daddy are so thankful for her progress. I'm hoping we can get her off of her oxygen today. I think she's ready.
At 11:00 I walked over to MD Anderson to have my mammogram and ultrasound. I still didn't have the least bit of concern. I had just made the comment to a friend at the hospital a few days before that I "felt better than I have in years." After many pictures and then more pictures I thought "Uh-Oh. I think this is going to run a lot longer than my lunch hour." Then the ultrasounds. They spent much time going over and over the lump. I knew the lymph node was huge and could see that on the screen but didn't know what the other pictures were showing. After 20 minutes of that, the radiologist came in. We recognized each other immediately as I had taken care of his premature twin girls 4 years earlier. He took many more ultrasound pictures. We chatted about his girls and he even went to get Christmas pictures of them and gave them to me to put in my "book of babies".
When, he finished with the ultrasound, he asked me if I had ever been to see a surgeon. I said yes and told him who it was. He said "I think you should see a surgeon and have a biopsy to check further on the lump." I had slight concern with that but as we continued to talk about the course of his girls in the NICU, I quickly quit worrying about the ultrasound and started worrying about how long I had been gone from the hospital. By then it was 1:00.
When I finished tending to my babies, it was 2:00 and I called the surgeon's office to get an appointment. Thinking, I wouldn't get an appointment for a couple of weeks, I was quite surprised to find out that Dr. Gross, the radiologist, had already called Dr. Willard, the surgeon, and they had scheduled me for an appointment the next day.
That was the first time that I realized that God was working through all of this. Of all the radiologists that day, only God would have me to go to the one whom I had taken care of his babies. Only God would find a doctor who would take his time to call another doctor and get me in to see her immediately.
I would soon see that wasn't to be the last time I would realize God's active presence in this journey.