Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Song In My Heart

The warm sun, the cloudless blue skies and the gentle breeze gave me a little glimpse of heaven today. After many days of Florida cold (60's :) I was glad for the warm change.
Baby Cooper is home from the hospital but still very jaundiced. He stays under a phototherapy light and only comes out for feedings. I went over to see him today and got to sit outside and hold him for an hour while he soaked up the rays of the sun, a natural type of phototherapy. For me it was another glimpse of heaven. I sat and visited with Eric and Katie as I held Cooper and silently thanked God for what they mean to me.
As I drove home I played my ipod on the car radio and had a real worship service through the music. Anyone driving next to me must have thought I was "high" as I sang and lifted my hand towards heaven. I guess I was "high" for there is no other feeling like that.
Funny sometimes how just the little things can enter in to "rain on your parade". I stopped by another wig shop to get an idea. The girl was nice but I think a place like that needs to go way beyond "nice" and try to be sensitive. I know I'm not the only chemo patient who walks into a wig shop with fear, sadness and trepidation. When I asked about the wigs she said. "I have them but I have a 7 year old leukemia patient with a bigger head than you and I would definitely have to have it custom made. " I asked how long it would take and she said "your hair will probably start coming out in a week so I need to get started right away." My bubble, that was so full an hour ago, just burst. I left and drove home but wasn't singing this time.
But again, God puts someone in your path to bring you up. My good friend Nadine called and I went outside and sat in the swing, soaking up more of the beautiful sun, and talked to her. By the time I finished I felt much better. I'm thankful for her friendship
When Carl finished teaching we went to dinner with Laurie, Pat and Deloris and then went to choir. Though I battled waves of nausea throuh choir, it was good to sing. I paid special attention to the words as we sang to bring my focus off of me and back to HIM and went home once again with a song in my heart.