Sunday, March 1, 2009

Through The Eyes Of A Child

Today we woke to cold weather. Well, cold for us Floridians. After a day near 80 degrees yesterday, it was quite a change. But it was Sunday, and no amount of cold outside replaces the warmth of a Sunday morning in worship. I went to church feeling a bit "dragged out." Some days fatigue seems to be quite an obstacle. Fighting off laryngitis and not able to sing, I asked our good friend Jim to lead worship and he willingly stepped in and took over.
When it came time for the children's message I sat down with the children thinking for a second that my bones felt like that of our 102 year old Aunt Margaret.
But then something magical happened! As I began to talk with the children one of the little girls, about 4 years old looked into my eyes, and I saw a light, a spark, a child like joy that said "here I am" ready to listen. Her expression moved my very soul. I was immediately reminded of Jesus telling us that we should become "like a child". He also said that "a little child shall lead them". He knew that the trust, innocence and simplicity of a child would be a good example for all of our lives.
Later in the service, as I was helping to serve communion, a young kindergartner in our church family named Joanna, knelt, head bowed, hands folded, innocently at the altar waiting for her turn for communion. Again, I was moved by the power of this small child.
All throughout the day, I found myself looking at children, watching their actions, their smiles, their innocence and I was thankful that God reminded me in such a powerful way , that the eyes of a child can be a light for our soul if we take a moment to notice.