Thursday, July 30, 2009

This Is the Day

Well, I ended up spending another night in the hospital. Both the oncologist and the surgeon released me to go late in the afternoon but neither one actually wrote an order, so I had another sleepover party last night. I should have invited Jayda:)

I went for my radiation simulation this morning. Even though I had my quilt, it was freezing in there and the table was like ice. I said to the girl, "wonder why it has to be so cold in here" and she said "it's for the machines". Oh good, I thought. I'm so glad the machines are comfortable:)

I guess, I live a sheltered life because I was pretty naive on the true meaning of a tattoo. I honestly didn't know it involved needles. I thought they were just going to draw some marks on me. Well, can I just tell you, that there are some places needles just shouldn't go!!

Being on the blood thinners caused some bleeding from the needles so instead of blue and orange it was kind of blue and red. So, I'm confused. What kind of a football fan does that make me, now? Blue and red??? Is that half Gator and half something else? Do I cheer for half of the Gator games or just sit in the middle and cheer the whole game. Oh the stresses of breast cancer!!

I came back to my room and got dressed in my regular clothes. I am standing at my door with suitcase in hand showing the most pitiful looking face to anyone who walks by. Maybe that will get me home. If not I have asked my NICU friends to come and bring a baby isolette over here with a blanket over the top, stuff me in there and sneak me out. Whatever it takes, I hope to be home today :)

"This is the day that the Lord hath made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it." (Psalms 118:24) No matter where we spend it!!