Thursday, February 12, 2009

Attitude Is Everything

"ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!" My father's words
echoed over and over again in my head. As a small
child I didn't understand the words. As a teenager I
refused to understand the words. Now as a grown
woman I do understand the words.
For the last 10 days I have had an "attitude" towards
buying a wig. I was mad because my insurance
wouldn't pay anything. Every place I went into, I
found some reason that I didn't like the way I was
treated. I thought the people were insensitive. I
thought they were uncaring. I found fault with
everything they said. But with my father's words
speaking loudly to my conscience, I realized it wasn't
them at all, but me. I didn't want to face the fact that
I would have to lose my hair and wear a wig and so it
became everyone else's fault.
After a prayer for forgiveness last night and an "attitude"
adjustment, I started out this morning ready to find a wig. Trouble was,
now that I had wasted the last 10 days and my hair
would likely start coming out in the next couple of
days, I was in a time crunch. (We do reap the
consequences of our misbehavior even as adults).
Carl and I went to three different places. We got a
consultation at Eden Spa and tried on wigs and
scarves and hats. Then we went to the American
Cancer Society. What a nice experience that was. The
lady that helped us was a breast cancer survivor who
had been through chemo and radiation and 8
surgeries. She could definitely relate. She also had a
son serving in the armed forces in Iraq. As I was
talking to her, I looked over onto a table and there lay
a book. It was called "Laughing through the tears of
Breast Cancer" and it was written by Carla Chesser. I
said to the lady, "I know the lady who wrote that
book. Actually I have never met her but feel as
though I know her well as I have had many
conversations with her on the phone. She is a friend of
my friend, Nadine". What a coincidence that her book
was right there. Cindy ( the lady working for the
Cancer society) handed me the book and said here it's
yours. Read it and enjoy. She also gave me a t-shirt
that said "I'm a survivor" on it. I asked her if I
qualified as a survivor yet since I just started. She
said "You are a survivor the day after you are
diagnosed". I was so encouraged to hear that. I am a
survivor! Because each day I wake up is another day
that I have overcome cancer! We left there with
smiles on our faces rather than frowns as in the week
before. (Attitude)
Then I went to the same wig shop near my house that
I "didn't like" last week. But today was so different.
Sarah the owner was so helpful and when I was
finished I had ordered a wig and come out with a
smile. (Attitude)
I came home and tried on the scarves and hat we had
gotten and didn't cry. (Attitude)
Some will call it "conscience". I call it conviction by the
Holy Spirit but no matter what it is called, we are
never to old to learn that our attitude can make a
world of difference in the way we view and react to
situations. I'm thankful for my earthly father's words
and my heavenly Father's convictions that