Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today was a pretty good day. Had no appointments until 6:00 pm for a bone scan at Dr. Phillips Hospital. Carl asked if I wanted him to go and I said "No, it's just a bone scan and I don't want you to have to cancel anymore students."
So I went in and the x-ray tech was so nice. I had been with the organization for a long time and we talked alot and laughed at how many times we have changed names in the organization. He got my IV first try (YEAH) and explained that the first set of pictures would be before the contrast and then he would come back out and inject the dye. I said OK. I really felt perfectly fine at that moment. But as I lay on the table with the pictures being taken I started thinking that just 2 weeks ago, I was giving report on my babies having taken care of them all day. I thought about how much my life had changed in just 2 weeks. I then thought about my mom who had died just 6 years ago from the very same thing I had been diagnosed with. Well, by the time the poor x-ray tech came back out, I had tears streaming down my face. He said "What's wrong? Is your IV hurting?" I just shook my head and said "No, I'm fine." and continued with the tears. He probably thought at that moment that I was bi-polar and he just needed to get his pictures and get me off the table.
It's strange how I can go from upbeat to downcast with just a few thoughts. Guess I need to be careful where I let my thoughts roam.