Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Morning Time With God

I'm absolutely convinced that when I get up and don't allow a few moments with God before I start my day, it's gonna be a bad day.

Yesterday morning, I decided to sleep through my morning devotion time. I was soo tired and thought that the extra 30 minutes of sleep would help get me through the workday a little better. Getting ready for work was a chore. Walking into work was a chore. I knew by the time I got there I should have called in sick. I had an overwhelming urge to sleep any where I could find a place to lay my head. But I kept telling myself, that once I woke up, I'd have the energy I'd need. By 10:00 I was too weak to care for my babies. So I left work and walked across the street to my oncologists office. I fell asleep in the chair waiting to be seen. When Dr. Baidas came in, I told him how I had been feeling ever since the last chemo a week ago. He said "You have 2 things going on here." You are very dehydrated and you are exhausted. I can give you IV fluids and I can write whatever note you need for you to stay off of work. You need to be taking it easy."

I told him the work thing wasn't an option but the fluids sounded like a good idea to me. They told me to come back at 1:00 for the fluids so I found a little room at my hospital and slept for a couple of hours. Carl came down at 1:00 and sat for while the IV fluids infused. I was hoping they would work their magic, and I would be dancing a jig when they finished but it didn't happen:)

As we were walking out to the parking garage, Carl was kind of quiet. Like that quiet when he has something to say but he's afraid I might not take it well. I often envy his ability to thoroughly think about what he's going to say before he says it. I still haven't learned how to do that, and often times things come out that aren't said like I meant them, or are said at the wrong time.
So I took Carl's hand and said "what ya thinkin' so hard about?"

With a little hesitation, he said, "Well I don't want to act like your father or anything, but you need to give in to this and really rest. Working on sewing projects, doing the laundry, going to Joann's for fabric, it doesn't seem like that much to you but it all adds up to make you exhausted."

Oh God, how you have blessed me with such a wonderful man! How like our Heavenly Father, he thinks. Our Father loves us. He cares enough for us, to remind us that our physical bodies need as much tending as our spiritual minds. He provides chosen people in our lives to help us see that. How thankful I am that Carl is one of His chosen people and loves me enough to remind me of God's desires for my life.

We went home and I slept 13 hours. Going back for more fluids today. But today, when I woke up, I didn't skip my morning time with God and I know it's going to be a better day!!