Friday, January 30, 2009

How to Start the Day

Well, I've figured out that if you don't start out your day with prayer, it's not going to be very good until you do have prayer. When I got up I saw Robin Roberts on Good Morning America. I was really inspired by her because I know that she had breast cancer and went through chemo and beat it. So I looked up her story on the computer to see what kind of breast cancer she had. When I read that she had a lump and they got it all and it had not spread, my bubble burst. I think it was Satan's way of trying to get a head start on my day. So I had prayer and things started looking up.
It's funny how even perfectly normal days can be a blessing if you talk to God at the start. I mean I had my teeth cleaned and it was really fun! I had a new hygienist named Kristen who was awesome. Not only did she not tear up my mouth, but we played family feud and talked during the whole cleaning. Well, she obviously did more talking than I did.
Then I sent a text message to Eric to try and meet up with him and Katie for lunch. Well, I can't get the hang of this texting thing so I sent him a text saying "I am in Wap Mart" (I meant Wal Mart) Well he texted me back and said "Katie's mom is in Wap Mart too") Then I sent a text and said "How about we eat at Cholo's?" (I meant Chili's") He texted back and said "What is that some Mexican restaurant or something?" His big fingers type 10 times faster than my skinny ones. How does that work?
During lunch I told Eric that I needed an expert at shaving heads when the time came. Since he has been shaving his head for years I thought he would be the perfect one to do it. He said he would be glad to. I know that having that done will be one of the most difficult things I will have to do. But I also know that Eric will
make it not so bad.
When I got home, my friend Ann had sent me an e-mail saying that she had a strong urge to pray for me during the day and she did just that. I truly felt that her prayers helped me to fight off a nagging feeling of trying to get down. (Satan still trying to get in)
Later in the day Jayda came over and I hemmed her pants up about 7". I guess she has some of my genes. We all had Chic Filet for supper and it was a perfect way to end the day.
And at the close of this day, I will pray and give Him thanks for all that He does to bless and sustain me.

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