Thursday, March 5, 2009

God's Circle of Love

The phone rang at 8:15 this morning and it was my Doctor. She said that my CT scan showed only pneumonia but all else was good!! I think I have never been so happy to be diagnosed with pneumonia. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the good news. Carl and I are still walking on air.
I believe with all my heart that God hears and answers the prayers of His people. Though I may not know who everyone is, I know that many, many people were praying for good results on this scan. I know that God heard those prayers and answered them. How can I possibly express my thankfulness? I say simply and humbly "Thank You".
As I went on my knees praising God for His mercy this morning, I asked Him to allow me to be a prayer warrior for someone in need so that I might be able, in some small way to give back.
And God's circle of love continues on and on!

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  1. What does one add to such a powerful and real time hand of God in action.
    "Praise praise Him all ye litte children, God is Love, He is love.
    Thank Him, thank Him all ye little children, God is Love, He is love"


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