Sunday, May 17, 2009


After 50 plus years. I have finally learned how to treasure the moment. Not just live in the moment but treasure the moment. There is a big difference. Most of my life has been spent quickly living the moment and and jumping on to the next. Many times I was so busy figuring out what had to be done next, I missed the moment altogether.

But God in His mercy, has taught me along this journey, to treasure this moment He has given me, and let Him worry about the next. "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself." ( Matt 6:34)

Today was a day filled with moments to treasure. I woke up still feeling pretty wiped out but as soon as I walked into the kitchen I was greeted with the radiant smiles and "Hi Granny" from little Wyatt and Logan. The first thing that came to my mind was "This is the day that the Lord Hath Made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it." I stopped for a moment as if doing so would "freeze" the moment.

We took Wyatt with us to church and stopped to get sugar cookies with sprinkles for the children. By the time we got to church, Wyatt had red and blue stains from the sprinkles all over his face, hands and little blue suit jacket. Both socks and both shoes were off his feet. Ordinarily, I would have been frustrated because putting him back together would have taken extra time. But today I just looked at him, knowing that this little boy would grow up all too quickly and his little red and blue cookie stained face would soon become the face of a man. And I stopped to treasure the moment.

Today was Baby Logan's baptism. I sat with Eric, Katie, Dylan, Jayda, baby Cooper and Holly. I thought about how it seemed like only yesterday I held Eric in the very same pew as a tiny baby. And now I watched with a grateful heart as Eric sat holding his newborn son, with his family by his side. And I paused to treasure the moment.

Carl sang a beautiful solo from his heart and I closed my eyes and embraced the moment, not wanting the song to end.

I watched as our Pastor and friend took baby Logan in his arms (no small feat) to baptize him. I silently prayed he wouldn't scream when he felt the water on his head. But he didn't. They never do. I think at that moment God takes over and speaks to the babies because they never seem to cry when they are baptized. As Pastor Steve held baby Logan up before the congregation I, once again, paused to treasure the moment. I silently prayed that God would bless this child and surround him with His love and grace.

We went to lunch with some wonderful family friends. Little Wyatt sat practicing taking his shoes on and off. Baby Logan took his macaroni filled hands and wiped them all over Kristy's arm. We all laughed and I thought about how quickly the children in that family had grown up, how it seemed like yesterday when Greg was Baby Logan's age. And I stopped to treasure the moment.

Later that afternoon, after Holly and the boys went home we went to a supper at our church. When I got my plate, Daynin, one little boy who holds a special place in my heart, came up and asked "Can I sit at your table?" We sat down next to each other and talked about lakes and alligators and water skiing and tubing; all of the things little boys like to talk about. He told me proudly how his mom could water ski with one ski and how one day he would learn to ski barefoot.

As little Daynin talked, I thought about how quickly these moments in our lives go by. How easy it is to miss them. How we can't always get them back. And I closed my eyes and whispered a prayer of thanks to the One who lovingly provides those special moments and asks only that I stop and take time to truly treasure them.


  1. As I read your blog today, I had tears in my eyes. Not because your blog made me sad, but I felt regrets for all the moments I let slip through my hands and cannot ever get them back. So many times, worries, frustrations, and wanting everything to be "just right" rob us of the beauty of what is, and we miss the treasures God wanted us to have. I, too, am learning the art of "treasure seeking" and holding on to those moments. When we truly look for them, we find at the end of the day that our treasure box is full to overflowing, don't we? Thank you for this wonderful reminder! So beautifully written, too!!!!

  2. Yes a very beautiful blog ...

  3. moments of memories- I too used to run too and fro worrying about things that mattered little- papa hubby and his cancer changed who I was to who I am now- savoring the moments to keep in my memory bank- and if they fall out some day that is ok too as I had the moment-
    thanks for sharing and I am praying for you-
    hugs from Meme


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