Thursday, May 21, 2009

Unwavering Love

The article in this morning's paper read "Pro Golfer Mickelson On Indefinite Leave, Wife Diagnosed With Cancer" . It went on to say "Phil Mickelson was gearing up for his favorite time of year. All that changed Wednesday, along with his priorities, when he disclosed that his wife, Amy, has been diagnosed with breast cancer." Jack Nicklaus said. “No one, especially Amy, deserves to have to face the battle that accompanies cancer. But we know that Amy has this amazing inner strength and spirit,and with Phil’s unwavering love and support, they will fight and overcome this."

As I read this, I couldn't help but think of Carl. Like Phil Mickelson, he has put his life on indefinite leave to be able to fight this battle with me. He rearranges his days to go with me to chemo treatments, doctor's visits, tests. He's by my side when I'm sick, he listens to my continual complaints of bone pain, he fusses when I take on too much and does his best to get me to rest. He tells me I'm beautiful to him, with or without hair and scars. He worries, he hurts, he prays.

His love and support is unwavering.

Before I was diagnosed, I witnessed that unwavering love in a dear friend of mine as her husband battled this disease. As I watched her day after day, I never ceased to be amazed at her unending devotion to her husband. Once, I remember asking her if she needed help and she answered "Nobody can take care of him like I can, he belongs to me." At that moment, I saw in her eyes the love of Christ. The kind of love He shows to us because we "belong to Him."

That is the kind of love that Carl shows to me and for which I am so very thankful.

I pray for Phil Mickelson, his wife and their three young children today. And I know that whatever lies ahead of them will be somewhat easier because of that unwavering love.


  1. Roxanne,
    You are amazing and so inspiring! Carl is right, you are beautiful and it isn't your hair that makes you so. It's your positive attitude, your sincere faith, and your tender loving spirit. Stay strong!

  2. Your posts are so serene. I enjoy reading them.


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