Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This Day

I was talking with a good friend at work last week. She has a beautiful little boy who has had health problems the entire 4 years of his young life. I have an incredible admiration for her and how she manages all that is upon her shoulders. I think that whatever problems we go through as adults, doesn't compare to having to sit by helplessly and watch your young child go through them.

As we were talking about the trials that we each faced,we shared our worries about the future. She said, "What will I do when he gets old enough to go to college and I won't be close by?" "What if we go on vacation and he gets sick?" And I said, "What if my cancer comes back in a year?". One by one, we looked into the future, asking "what ifs", and soon we both realized that by doing that we were robbing ourselves of this day.

Busy work schedules, illness, raising children. So many things send us flying through this day and straight into the next. But what if there isn't a next? What would we say about the day we had? I think sometimes we get so worried about what may come tomorrow, that we can't stop to enjoy today. And today goes by so fast. God already knew this when He said, "This is the day that the Lord Has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it." (Psalms 118:24)

If we are given a new day tomorrow, what will we do with it? Will we waste it worrying about the next day or rejoice and be glad in this one that we have been given?


  1. That video is beautiful ...

  2. What if tomorrow comes and there is no more cancer?
    What if we ask why and finds He gives an answer?
    What if every fear we had never comes our way?
    What if the sun shines brightly with no clouds throughout our day?
    What if our needs are all supplied - so much that we can share?
    What if our friends and family face tomorrow with no care?
    What if we walked by faith in joy, with thanks for just today?
    What if we never worried and tomorrow brought what may?

    Loved the video so much!!!! Just beautiful!!!!

  3. I was looking for pictures of or from my elementary school and I ended up on a newspaper's webpage that had posted a murder victim's last note. (His body was dumped by my old school--that's how I ended up there.) His life was threatened for some reason unknown to me, and so he wrote about his feelings and the people he wanted to see in his last '8 hours' of life. It was sad looking into someone's life when I knew the end result already. That's why God doesn't tell us about the end result. He wants us to live a life pleasing to Him in the time He gives us on this earth.


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