Monday, August 3, 2009


WooHoo! I'm starting to get some hair!! On the chemo, I would get a little sprout of hair a few days after a treatment. Then I would have a treatment and it would disappear. But I think this hair is here to stay. Now, mind you it's not the hair I would have chosen. (Hmmm.. "I would have chosen". These are becoming such familiar words).

This hair kind of looks and feels like a puppy's hair and is really soft. I'm not quite sure what kind of dog yet because it's not very long and there are some big bald spots still on the top. But it is hair, none the less. I was so excited, I thought about going to the puppy store and getting a brush, but exercised restraint and decided to wait for a bit more length. It's still not long enough to provide warmth for my head or look good without a head covering. But at least it's not coming out. Funny, sometimes, how much we take our hair for granted.

My little grandson Wyatt went for a haircut over the weekend. He has the most beautiful red hair. But, I think cutting a 2 year old's hair is somewhat of a challenge because he came away quite "scalped". She sent me a picture and I couldn't help but laugh. His expression was the same one I have when I look at my puppy hair.

But, he just goes on about the business of his joyful, carefree little life. Not giving a second thought to how his hair looks. He has a whole new day in front of him to experience and enjoy.

Oh what lessons we can learn from little children!!


  1. God Bless every little strand!!!!

  2. I bet you are looking forward to your first hair cut.


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