Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Proper Hugging Of A Baby

I absolutely delight in children and babies. I always have. I believe they are God's way of always keeping a smile on our faces.I knew from a very young age that I wanted to have a career that involved taking care of little ones. And God has blessed me richly with a rewarding job as a NICU nurse for many years. And actually, if we have jobs in heaven, I hope I get to have the very same job I have here on earth.

Being a NICU nurse, I often get questions from friends and relatives about their babies. I don't mind at all and am glad that I am able to answer, or find out the answer, to most of the questions. There is one question that I haven't been asked yet, but since I came across detailed instructions, I thought I would post it here on my blog, in case it ever came up.


First, Find a baby.

Second, be sure that the object you found was indeed a baby by employing classic sniffing techniques.

Next you will need to flatten the baby before actually beginning the hugging process.

Then, the "paw slide". Simply slide paws around baby and prepare for possible close-up.

Finally, if a camera is present, you will need to execute the difficult and patented "hug, smile, and lean" so as to achieve the best photo quality.

May the joy of the Lord be our strength!


  1. What a brilliant, brilliant blog! You had me smiling and giggling throughout. I love the photos so much!!!!!!!!
    I stopped taking my children to church because when the vicar was ill the parishoners were always telling me to keep the children quiet which is hard to do when one is aged 4 and autistic! I was so upset I stopped going to church. Now I carry my church in my heart where nobody can criticize.

  2. Oh my gosh, that last picture is just the most adorable thing ever! I love the look on both of the faces, the furry one and the not-furry one.

  3. While the pics are adorable I did get a shiver thinking of such a large animal putting all of its weight on such a small baby.


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