Wednesday, September 9, 2009

5 Minutes or Less

Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him. (Psalms 37:7 )

As I was waiting for my turn at radiation this morning, I spotted a magazine on the table. The cover article read "How to have the perfect body in 5 minutes a day." It struck me funny that a body that has been used and abused for many years, could become "perfect" in 5 minutes.

With the computer scan check-in system, I was in and out of radiation in "no time at all." No time wasted here.

I stopped by the grocery store for a drink and spotted the line for "10 items or less, no waiting." Ironically, it was the line with the most people in it. But since I had one item, I chose that line. No time to speak with the cashier or anyone else for that matter. No time wasted here.

I stopped by the pharmacy drive- thru to pick up medications. Two minutes and I was done. No time wasted here.

People beep at the person in front of them at the traffic light, lest they would spend another 10 seconds of idle time.

We go out to lunch and the menu reads "10 lunches served in 10 minutes or less". Guaranteed." No time wasted on enjoying the company of the one you are eating with.

A one year bible reading plan. A one minute daily devotional. No time wasted on getting to know the Saviour more.

Why is it that we spend so much time and energy on how to add the number of days to our lives, but want to experience life in 5 minutes or less?

God is a God of forever. A life in Him means a life that will last forever. "The righteous will inherit the land and dwell in it forever." (Psalms 37:29).

Is it really so important that we rush through?


  1. I am glad for our visit yesterday. Thank you for sharing your own blessings.

  2. gosh, when you really think about it,it's so true. Everything is rush rush. No time really set aside to enjoy, or think, or really plan, everything is rush rush. I've become so use to it, I really did not think about it, until now. Wow. I don't think this is the way it shouild be. Thanks Roxanne. Something to really ponder. Petra :)


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