Friday, May 29, 2009


Today I have felt like I was carrying around a body made of concrete. I slept 10 hours last night and wanted to go back to bed an hour after I got up. It seemed to take an enormous amount of energy just to get showered and dressed. Ironically, I woke up with a scripture on my mind "Come to me all you who are weary and I will give you rest." (Matt. 11:28). It was on my mind all day. Over and over again those words kept coming into my head.

My dear friend and I met for prayer and devotions for a little while in the afternoon and I was telling her how tired I was but how hard it was for me to rest or sleep in the middle of the day. When I was growing up, that was called "lazy". So I try to push through the exhaustion, not wanting to give in to it. And as I was telling her that, it suddenly occurred to me why God was giving me that particular verse today.

How much clearer did He have to make it for me? He was trying to tell me to come to Him and rest. It's not being lazy. It's allowing Him to give me the physical strength I need to fight this battle by getting the rest I need.

It's funny how the Holy Spirit speaks to us. How He gives us just the right scripture for just the right situation in our lives. It was no accident that I awoke with that scripture verse this morning and no accident that it played in my mind throughout the day. Nothing happens by accident when God is in charge of our lives.

And now I will come to Him and enjoy some much needed rest.


  1. oh- do take your rests- remember not all things we learned are true for us or for now. I hope to come back later in the week and discover that you have been napping.
    soft hugs and special prayers for you- Meme

  2. I can just feel how you are feeling today! I remember those sleepless nights when my heart was racing and pounding from the steroids, and the enormous amount of effort it took to take a shower and start a new day. But you know, some of my deepest moments and closest moments with the Lord were in those "resting" times during the day. We worry so much through all of this, even when we think we are NOT worrying, there is a subconscious worry going on. And He knows all about that! To "rest" with Him, think His thoughts, sing His songs, and know that His arm is around you, upholding you. . . that is truly REST!


  3. I used to love to shower daily now it is a chore done only a couple times a week.

    Rest and sleep where and when you can.

  4. I thought that I left my comment. This lesson was the hardest one for me, because I also have a tendency to physically 'push' myself. With chemo, I found that tendency invariably pushed me to exhaustion, which always guaranteed that I was extraordinarily emotional, and when emotion takes over (for me), everything just seems bigger and harder and more difficult to keep in perspective. I found that stopping when I was tired, before I was exhausted was the right thing to do.

  5. Just remember that even Jesus need to rest so your body, mind and spirit can continue to heal..

    And, thanks for the positive feedback on my post today...

  6. Sleeping in the middle of the day doesn't equal laziness (or at least I don't choose to think so, since I need a nap almost every day!) LoL Sleep well. :) <3


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