Monday, June 1, 2009

I Saw God!

I saw God! Seriously. I saw Him, not just once but, several times. And He even spoke to me!

This weekend we went to a couple of dance recitals for some of Carl's students. I watched the children as they came out onto the stage all dressed up in their dance costumes, glitter on their little faces and their hair fixed just perfectly. Radiant smiles on their faces. I watched as they came out and danced as if they were totally enveloped in the music. They danced with their hearts and my heart danced. And as I watched them I saw God. He was in the form of those little dancers. And he said to me, "Here I am."

Sunday morning, during church, the children came up for their children's time. When they saw the balloons, their little eyes lit up. Their eyes sparkled as they told me about their favorite balloon games and widened with excitement when the I blew up the balloon in front of them. And as they bowed their little heads to pray, I saw God. He was in the closed eyes and little folded hands of those children. And He said, "Here I am."

This morning, as I walked into the hospital at 6:00, I looked up and saw the most beautiful orange and yellow glow on the horizon. I stopped for a moment to try to take in the beauty of the sunrise and at that moment, I saw God. He was in the beauty of the new day. And He said to me, "Here I am."

Our hospital has glass windows all around the perimeter. The NICU is on the third floor. About 10:00 am, I looked out the window and saw the brilliant blue sky with the pillow white clouds that looked as though you could blow them away with just one small breath. My co-worker Judy and I both paused to admire the beauty and there, once again, I saw God. His handiwork decorated the sky. And He said, "Here I am."

A couple of hours later a brand new baby came in. Just minutes old. I watched as his proud daddy looked on with tears in his eyes. I listened as this new life cried with protest at having to leave his warm, quiet home of the past several months. And soon, he stopped crying. He opened his eyes and stared at me as if he was looking into my soul. And I SAW GOD!! This new life that was created perfectly and unique to any other one in the entire universe. He was beautiful. And God said to me, "Here I am."

I saw God! I heard His voice. He is here! Can you seen Him?


  1. The comment you left on my blog made me laugh ... you are too funny.

    Now if I just get everyone to leave reminders on the blog with all the things I should be doing ... I`d have it made.

    Hope you are having a great day!

  2. I see God all around me. It seems that I see him more plainly now than ever. How do you suppose that people make it through times like this without Him?

  3. I must confess that I see Him more now than I used to! Not because He was not there --- I just didn't take the time to look. And I must say, He must have turned away disappointed, just as a good friend would if I did not acknowledge their presence. I saw Him this morning in a daddy cardinal feeding his baby. I remember a year ago at this time seeing this, and wondering if I would be around in another year to see it again. Thank you for the reminder to look for Him everywhere!

  4. It was great to get a HUG from you Monday!!!!


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